Notes on the book titled Empowered

Chapter 10: One-o-One

The purpose: reach competence, then, reach her potential

The relationship: trust

The onboarding: to get up to speed ( reach competence) (usually 2–3 months)

The frequencies: never cancel!

Sharing context: comparing vision, quarter focus

Homework: onboarding. Guide on materials

Thinking and acting like a…


  • high-throughput ingestion, fault-tolerant
  • it is a log of persistent/durable events appended each time into a topic, with little overhead
  • events are persistent and replayed until a retention period has passed
  • can hold a large amount of durable data
  • topics are splitter into partitions by a partition key, where the…

In the software development world, it is no surprise that something new emerges every day, and becomes hype. And some of them are short-lived, but others may stay around longer, like microservices that everyone keeps talking about. Is it just another buzzword like blockchain or AI, or a breakthrough so…

In a distributed system, any operation may fail at any time leaving the change applied in some systems but hasn’t reached all the systems. So, this type of, half-done, changes are regarded as inconsistency.

In write repeat, calls from the clients are meant to fix, if there is, inconsistent state of data that is associated with the call.

  • smarter clients
  • retried until the call has been successfully completed.
  • idempotency is the key
  • retryable/non-retryable errors


  • it is about facilitating all development experience
  • it touches every phase of a software lifecycle, development, and maintenance
  • eventually, the goal is to minimize the lifetime cost of a software
  • so the software needs to be maintainable, extendable
  • don’t bind to the framework or hardware too much
  • keep options open…

For reliable asynchronous systems, queues are essential.

Even though queuing is meant to improve availability, they can sometimes backfire, by dramatically increasing the recovery time after an outage.

Sometimes the messages in the queue wait too long so eventually become useless.

During recovery, the asynchronous service can scale up to…

In AWS, the services are split into two:

  • services executing customer requests (the data plane)
  • services managing and vending customer configuration (the control plane)

In general, the larger data plane fleet makes calls to the smaller control plane fleet.

How to avoid the overload on the control plane?

consider the…

Leader election is giving one of the system nodes some special powers. In a database, for example, the leader can handle write operations.

  • a single leader makes reasoning about the system easier. debugging, managing concurrency is straightforward.
  • a single leader can inform others, rather than building consensus
  • it offers clients…

In distributed systems, transient failures or latency in remote interactions are inevitable.

build the system to reduce the probability of failure.

To build resilient systems, we employ three essential tools: timeouts, retries, and back-off.

Timeouts are the events when a request takes longer than the acceptable upper bound set by…

Mustafa Atik

You can find my notes I take when learning something new or reading, watching. So, they only help me to refresh and remember what I’ve consumed.

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